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Campus life

Entrance ceremony Entrance ceremony
Entrance ceremony - The first event, entrance ceremony.
Your school life start with over 1,000 students.
Excursion Excursion
To Kyoto, Nara, excursion to historical place in Kansai district.
And, it is a chance to become intimate your new friends.
Freshman Training Trip* Freshman Training Trip
2 nights 3days training trip to O-HARA's training center at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
For studying cooperation with Japanese and classmates.
Sports Festival Sports Festival
The biggest annual event in O-HARA.
8 area schools gather a huge Gymnasium in Osaka. Feel the scale!
Sports Champions Cup Sports Champions Cup
Kansai O-HARA's schools fight for their pride in ball games like baseball, basketball, soccer and so on.
Each club teams make efforts for one Cup.
Europe Trip* Europe Trip
Travel to Italy & France with Japanese Friends.
A trip makes people more intimate.
Success celebration Party Success celebration Party
To cerebrate each other the success in the test of high qualification.
Students in Japanese Course can attend this party if they get JLPT N1.
Speech contest Speech contest
Good opportunity to show your ability of Japanese.
Please express yourself with your new skill!
Graduation ceremony Graduation ceremony
Party to cerebrate your graduation hold in a reputable hotel.
And, Japanese Course has its original secret party!
*arbitrary participation, charges occur separately.

O-HARA FTBBC Newsletter

To introduce the life in O-HARA, we publish "O-HARA FTBBC Newsletter" almost once a month.
All news are written in Japanese, but you may feel what O-HARA is like.