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Course Fee

Because we are O-HARA… low-cost courses those cater to needs of overseas students.

Course Fee
1-year course    \650,000 (a year)
2-year course \1,250,000 (two years)
  *Need \20,000 as a registration fee.
contents of annual fee
payment deadlineentrance feetuition fee material feemaintenance feetotal
1st year¥50,000¥540,000 ¥20,000¥40,000¥650,000
2nd year¥540,000 ¥20,000¥40,000¥600,000
payment deadlines and amount of money
payment deadlinesamount of money contents 
after issuing the Certificate of Eligibility-15th of March¥380,000 for the entrance fee and a part of tuition fee, etc.The two-year system sum total
Apr.-Aug.¥270,000 for the second half tuition fee¥650,000
Jan.-Feb.¥330,000 for the first half tuition feeThe two-year system sum total
start of 2nd grade-Aug.¥270,000 for the second half tuition fee¥1,250,000