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How to Apply

  1. First, please charge brochure etc.
    application handbook and forms
    can download from the right button.
  2. Please submit application forms and pay \20,000 for application charge.Application charge does not refund even if status of residence is not authorized.(until the end of November)
  3. We do documents examination.
  4. Requirements-for-admission examination may be done if needed.
  5. The documents of those who passed documents examination are submitted to the Osaka Immigration Bureau. (middle of December)
  6. After examination of your documents, authorization of residence eligibility is sent to us from the Osaka Immigration Bureau.(the end of February)
  7. We send you a invoice of school fees.(the start of March)
  8. Please pay your school expense to our bank account.(until middle of March)
  9. After your payment, we send you the documents indicated below.
    • Authorization of residence eligibility
    • Permission of admission
    • guidance of entrance and schedule of school
    (until middle of March)
  10. Please acquire a student visa in the Japanese Embassy, the consulate general, Interchange Association, etc. of your native country. (middle-end of March)
  11. Please come to Japan before the day of entrance indicated in the document of guidance. (the start of April)
※Please be sure to check an application handbook.
※Please do not hesitate to ask the question when applying.